Small Group Bible Studies spend time studying the scriptures but also provide fellowship and support. If you would like to join a small group bible  study please contact our office by phone or the contact us email link on this website. Leave your details and preferred days and Rev Kevin will talk to you about some possible groups you can join that may be suitable.

Sunday Morning Bible Study (St James, Wyong) 11.30am

This group meets after church with a light lunch. Led by Rev Kevin & Kim Wares.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study (St James, Wyong)

This group meets at 10am each Tuesday morning in the parish hall. The group is usually led by the Rector . The morning commences with fellowship enjoyed over a cup of tea and a bickie and the bible study commences as soon as all are present. The group aims to grow as Christians by listening, discussing and being challenged by different ideas and experiences and to foster Christian fellowship in a non-threatening atmosphere as they discuss and ponder God’s word.

Friday Afternoon Easy English Bible Study Group

This group meets straight after ESL at the church. 12.30- 1.15pm.

Saturday Evening Group at Wyong

This group Meets in a Private home at 5pm.

All Groups run during school terms & are in recess during the school holidays.