We are now allowed to have 100 at church the way it is set up but can open up the church to accommodate up to 150 following Covid Safe rules.

Sunday Services are at 7.30am & 9.30am (includes WACKY Kids programme). We have also recommenced our Family Friendly Sunday afternoon get together at 4:00-5:30pm.

Wednesday Communion Service is at 10:0am.


· If you have any of the symptoms of Covid 19 DO NOT ATTEND.

· If you feel unwell in any way DO NOT ATTEND

· If you feel unsafe or unsure about joining a group DO NOT ATTEND

· We aim get a recording of the message on our website the next day. That means that if you stay at home you can still listen to the message.

ARRANGEMENTS (please read these carefully)

· You will only be able to enter via the front door. This means that the driveway will be a shared car/pedestrian zone. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

·Your attendance at church will still be recorded.

· As you enter please use the hand sanitiser on the table and use it again as you leave.

· If you use the toilets please ensure that you wash your hands carefully.

· The offertory will not be collected but there will be a container on the back table. Please put money/envelopes in there.

· The hall/kitchen area will be locked off. If you need a drink please bring bottled water from home.

**Pioneer Dairy Parkrun every Saturday at 8am.** 1st one is June 12! Are you interested in a St James social walking group? We’ll improve health & fitness, be part of a community & make new friends!!
Please talk to Aleks or Annie if you’re keen. (we could wear our St James polo shirts!?)

**Wave of Prayer Saturday June 12 at 12 noon.** Here at St James. All are welcomed to attend!

*It’s a requirement that everyone involved in ministry to children, young people & any vulnerable people must undertake Safe Ministry Training every three years. Please check your certificates to see if you are due. Please see Jenny Hurst or call Annie in the office for assistance. Unfortunately as COVID prevented children’s ministry from taking place, many of us have inadvertently let our Safe Ministry Training lapse. Without properly
trained leaders, we CANNOT offer ministry to children. There are no face to face training sessions run by the Diocese anymore. If you need to update your safe ministry training, you can do so online, by following this link:

Safe Ministry Training

The cost for completing the safe ministry training is $30 and can be reimbursed by the parish. For those who may find completing the training online difficult, Jenny Hurst (Safe Ministry Officer) and Aleks are coming up with a plan. Please let either Jenny or Aleks know, if you need assistance completing the training. Important information on Working with Children Check Renewals from The NSW Office of Children’s Guardian:- The Working With Children Check lasts for five years, so If your contact details are up to date, you will receive a notification when it is time to renew your WWC number. A WWC number is like a driver licence – the number stays with you and is renewed before it expires. Do not reapply – you simply renew, and your WWC number will remain valid for another five years. Renewal applications cannot be submitted until three months before your expiry date but please try to do them as soon as you receive this renewal due notice. Then please let Jenny Hurst or Annie in the office know when you receive confirmation of the renewal so that we can update our records. Thanks to all those that have already given Annie notification of these renewals.

*Information on supporting Jasmine Horrocks:- It’s best to use the website at:- https://support.afes.org.au/support-jasmine-horrocks-newcastle-university-newcastle-4941 You can set up a direct debit or deposit system depending on your preferences (on the last page of the donation portal you can get the AFES office bank account details and a unique reference ID). Or you can also fill out a paper form and post it to the AFES office. Alternatively the church has offered to process cash donations, this can be done by putting the money in the plate in an envelope marked ‘Jasmine Horrocks’ (Although she can’t properly track individual donations through this method). If you need any assistance with this please see Jeremy or Jill or Annie in the office.

*Our farmers are still doing it tough. You can make a donation to help them at https://westernaircare.org/help-donate/ or at www.buyabale.com.au/hunter or phone—1300327624