ROSE Women’s Group

Held once a term mostly on Saturday afternoons, for women, especially those working, who are unable to attend daytime activities.  We meet togther to encourage each other, over food, God’s word so that we can build meaningful relationships to help equip us as Christian’s women in an ever changing world.

Ladies Dinners – 1st Monday of the month

The ladies of the parish and their female friends meet over dinner on the first Monday of each month at various local locations.  Beginning at 6pm the ladies begin to gather in the dining room around a pre-booked table where greetings are shared and visitors introduced to others. Don’t worry if you can’t get there at 6, many of the working women get there when they get home from work.

The numbers vary according to other commitments but we usually manage up to twelve and this number is perfect for all to be included in the various conversations. A pre-dinner drink is the norm as the “specials” boards are perused and the menu studied. As the minutes tick away, conversation, eating and relaxing in good company continues unabated.

There are absolutely no rules or eligibility requirements attached to this group and many of the ladies have commented that the gatherings have allowed them to really get to know each other in a way which is sometimes difficult in a more formal or structured group. On special occasions like Christmas, the menfolk are invited into this hallowed group to share what has become a most rewarding experience.

Mother’s Union

St James Mother’s Union is run under the auspices of the Newcastle Diocese and has been running in the Parish for 50 years in 2013. The group provides “baby bundles” (a wrapped collection of baby needs) to mothers of babies born at the Wyong Hospital and also knits baby bootees which are given to the mothers of all babies born at the hospital. The Mother’s Union in this parish organizes a yearly cruise on one of the rivers or lakes and all parishioners are invited to attend and join in fellowship with members