27th  March 2020

Things continue to change and develop.  Churches are now completely closed until further notice.

If you want to drop your offertory in there will be a plate in the porch or at the back of the church.  Please do not interact with Annie – we need her to stay well.  If you put your money in the envelopes each week you can bring them all up at one time when things are better.

You can, of course, give directly.  The information is: BSB 633 000. Name: Anglican Church of Wyong   Account No. 143 181 717.

You will receive a pastoral care letter from me each week.  The letter will also be on our website.  Also, each week I will put a sermon and some prayers on the site.  My suggestion is that you access this at sometime on Sunday but it will continue to be available at any other time.  Please keep checking the website for up dated information.

The wedding of John and Lisa has already occurred.  I came back early on Monday and we managed to do it before the Monday midday deadline.  It was a very happy occasion and they will have a celebration for everyone when things get back to normal.  Please keep them in your prayers.

The funeral of Shirley Trigg went ahead with numbers limited to 10.

Our pastoral care system should be working.  If you have not had a phone call from your pastoral care team leader please inform Tony Smith (0418 669 009) or me (0412 522 731) immediately.  It is vital that we stay in touch with each other.

I will be working from home.  You can contact me at any time.  If I do not answer please leaver a message and I will call back.  I don’t always have the phone with me – I am scared of dropping it and the goats devouring it.

The sermon this week draws attention to the present situation.  I hope you find it helpful.

Prayer is so important at a time such as this. I hope that you always set aside a time for Bible Reading and Prayer each day but, with everything else ceasing, you have a lot more free time so you can make it longer.  I have produced a “prayer diary” to assist you to pray systematically.  You should add to it to personalise it.

May God keep you safe and healthy at this time and may He ensure that you continue to grow in your faith.

With every blessing.