29 March 2020

If you have a Smart TV you can experience family viewing by going to YouTube on your TV and searching for “wyonganglican” YouTube video link  https://youtu.be/0RPMkceq-nU

Sermon on the Mount Series-16 Feb 2020- Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18


In today’s reading (Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18) Jesus addresses three ways in which the religious leaders of his day showed off. The problem wasn’t only the matter of pride however. Their showing off was especially reprehensible because, pretending to impress God, they had taken their eyes off him and were watching for the accolades of others. […]

Sermon on the Mount-2 Feb 2020- Matt 5:1-12


Today we commence a series of sermons on Matthew 5-7—”The Sermon on the Mount”. John Stott comments that this is the best known part of the teaching of Jesus—but the least understood. We often hear people suggest that, even if you ignore the rest of the New Testament, these 3 chapters are important for everyone. […]

26 Jan 2020- Psalm 116


On this day in 1788 the First Fleet arrived in Sydney Cove. The first church service was not held until a week later – February 3rd – but today I intend to celebrate Australia Day by telling the story of the voyage and preaching on the same text that the Chaplain, Rev. Richard Johnson, preached […]