There’s nothing more important than knowing God loves you.

That’s why at Wyong Anglican Church, we love to help our children learn more about God and his word at a level they can understand. We believe that life is more fulfilling when you are surrounded by caring and supportive friends.

Kids' Church runs alongside our 10.00am service throughout school terms. Our team is passionate about sharing God and his teachings with the youngest members of our church community.

Kids' Growth Group runs on Wednesday afternoons from 3.30-5.30pm during school terms. It's is an exciting place for children to learn important life skills. Our program teaches kids of all ages the value of being genuine, embracing their unique abilities, and accepting others. We address relevant topics that children face daily and encourage them to look to the Bible for answers, pray for change, and invest in meaningful relationships. We also have a lot of fun exploring the creative arts!

Come and join us at Wyong Anglican – where belonging is the norm!

Christmas Kids' Club

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