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17 Jan 2021

The Temptations

(John West) Mark 1:12-13 Mark 1:12-13

04 Jan 2021

Introduction to the Gospel of Mark

(Denis Kirkaldy) Mark 1:1 Mark 1:1

27 Dec 2020

Is God Crazy?

(Denis Kirkaldy) A continuation of the Christmas story......

25 Nov 2018

Christ the KING

(Darren Cardwell) John 18:33-37 John 18:33-37

05 Nov 2018

New & Improved!

(Denis Kirkaldy) Heb 9:11-15 Heb 9:11-15

28 Oct 2018

What did Jesus accomplish on the cross?

(Kevin Wares) There has been recent controversy about an advertisement depicting Jesus on the cross promoting organ donation. What did Jesus achieve by dying on the cross? In Hebrews 7 Jesus is described as a special kind of Priest, in the Order of Melchizedek, who offers something special on the altar- himself...

11 Mar 2018

Women & Children

(Kevin Wares) Looking at week 3 from Jesus the game changer.

11 Feb 2018

Listen to Jesus

(Kevin Wares) Mark 9:2-9 Mark 9:2-9

28 Jan 2018

In Jesus we see God in action.

(Kevin Wares) Mark 1:21-28 Mark 1:21-28 Jesus teaches with “authority” and casts out a demon. Jesus words perform actions. They communicate truth.

02 Jul 2017

Jesus heals a paralised man

(Kevin Wares) Mark 2:1-12 Mark 2:1-12

26 Feb 2017

The Transfiguration

(Kevin Wares) Matthew 17:1-9 Matthew 17:1-9

20 Nov 2016

Jesus the King

(Kevin Wares) Luke 23:33-43 Luke 23:33-43